Jun 24, 2009

Episode 6 - Lefty Williams 6/23/09

This week our guest is Jason "Lefty" Williams. Lefty was born and raised in Atlanta and is a great songwriter, singer, and guitarist, and does it all without the use of a right hand and forearm. The Lefty Williams Band has acquired a great fan following in Atlanta, and they also have been traveling quite a bit around the country.

Lefty comes into the studio to perform two original songs and discuss his life, his music, and some great gig stories. Also enjoy a classic Bryan "rant" at the beginning of the episode...

Here's how to keep up with The Lefty Williams Band:


Lefty Williams Band Facebook Page

Lefty on YouTube

As always, please contact us at twofacesradio@gmail.com

Enjoy! - Bryan and Ira

Jun 14, 2009

Episode 5 - Arrested Development 6/11/09

This week Speech, Za (Zay) and JJ Boogie from the Grammy award winning group Arrested Development join us in the studio. They play two songs live in the studio that you should be familiar with: The first one is a song that has inspired their music, and the second is one of their Top Ten hit songs, "Tennessee".

Discussion topics include: Speech's background and how he got into music, the first incarnation of the band, writing hit songs and getting signed, a night at the Grammys, a night at Prince's house, working with Spike Lee, sampling, the new Hip-Hop scene, Analog vs. Digital, and what the band has been up to lately...

Here is their online info:




This is a great one! Enjoy!

- Bryan and Ira


Jun 5, 2009

Episode 4 - Mudcat - 6/03/09

This week our guest is MUDCAT (Danny Dudeck), who we consider to be THE king of the Atlanta blues scene that exists today. Friend and mentor to a zillion local bands, "professor" of Blues, Americana, and Folk music, and all-around incredible performer... On the podcast Danny plays two songs that were highly influential to him, and discussion topics include: His background and how he got into this type of music, pioneering artists from this region, the resurgence of live music at the Northside Tavern, the Music Maker Relief Foundation, and other discussions...

MUDCAT online: www.mudcatblues.com



Enjoy! Contact us at twofacesradio@gmail.com


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