Jul 30, 2009

Oliver Wood - Bonus Song

Oliver Wood performed an extra song of his during our Episode 8 podcast, but we saved it in the Two Faces Radio vaults... until now!

Oliver performs "Spirit", and then we have a few minutes of discussion about King Johnson. Enjoy!

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Jul 18, 2009

Episode 9 - Joe McGuinness - 7/15/09

Joe McGuinness, Atlanta singer/songwriter/guitarist/banjo player, joins us in the studio. Joe plays a TON of gigs around town and collaborates with many other well known musicians. His songwriting and performing style is Delta blues and bluegrass-based, but his guitar-picking style and vocals are truly unique.

Joe performs an original tune on guitar, and then a Bill Sheffield (local Atlanta musician) cover on the banjo. Discussion topics include Joe growing up in a very musical family, playing music around Atlanta and migrating to other states, some traditional and odd influences, and "Bryan's 3-2-1".



Joe McGuinness and Oliver Wood live at the 5 Spot - video

Jul 14, 2009

Episode 8 - Oliver Wood (The Wood Brothers/King Johnson) 7/08/09

Oliver Wood, one half of The Wood Brothers, and founding member of Atlanta's own King Johnson, joins Bryan and Ira in the studio. Oliver has been a highly respected Atlanta singer/guitarist/songwriter for many years, first backing up respected blues artist Tinsley Ellis, then continually touring and recording with one of the best bands to come out of the southeast, King Johnson. 3 years ago, he reconnected with his brother Chris Wood (of Medeski, Martin, and Wood) to form The Wood Brothers, who have recorded their last two full-length albums on the Blue Note label, and also a new EP of covers which they released themselves.

Oliver performs two original songs in the studio (and a third to be released as a TFRadio bonus episode - stay tuned!). In addition to our many traditional discussion topics, this episode also features a new "segment" called "Bryan's 3-2-1": 3 questions, 2 minutes each, 1 artist...



King Johnson Myspace Page

Oliver with Donnie McCormick (on Chicken Coop)  - video

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Jul 9, 2009

Bonus Episode! - Bryan, Ira, and Tim - 7/06/09

Bryan, Ira, and Tim Butler are in the studio to have a "State of the Podcast" podcast. We read some listener comments, discuss some of the other episodes, and the other topics are too numerous to list, but this is a fun one...

We start by playing a live version of our usual intro music, and we play a classic 80's hit toward the end. Also be sure to catch Bryan's brother's "re-buttle" at the end of the show.

Please, Please, Please contact us through the Two Faces Radio Facebook Page, or twofacesradio@gmail.com with any comments or questions for us.


- Bryan, Ira, and Tim


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