Aug 6, 2009

Episode 10 - Chip Jones 8/05/09

Chip Jones, guitarist, singer, and longtime friend of ours joins us in the studio. Chip currently plays professionally around Atlanta and the Southeast doing cover gigs at bars and restaurants, and also writes and performs his own music. For over 10 years he has been involved in Atlanta's "Jam-Band" scene both as performer (The Gordon Shay Band / Ballyhoo Orchestra) and avid supporter of local bands.

In addition to our usual discussion, Chip first performs one of his own tunes integrating a real-time "phrase sampler" / "looper" to layer his guitar track so he can solo over himself (he'll explain), and then Bryan and Ira join him to play some Led Zep at the end of the show (not to be missed!)

Go see Chip live!


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P.S. - the name of the restaurant in Decatur that Ira could not remember during the show was "Sweet Melissa's"


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