Oct 29, 2009

Episode 17 - Blackberry Smoke 10/28/09

Blackberry Smoke joins us in the studio. This Atlanta-based Southern Rock band has been described as "Too Rock N' Roll for Country, and Too Country for Rock N' Roll". We'll let you decide. They have just released a new album on BamaJam Records called "A Little Piece Of Dixie", and they are currently on tour with... raise your lighters, please... Lynyrd Skynyrd!


"Up In Smoke" Video

Oct 21, 2009

Bonus! - Cadillac Jones Extra Songs

Here are 3 extra Cadillac Jones tunes recorded live during their podcast, and not featured in the original show. These songs are: "Songbird" and "Money Shot" from their latest album, and "Barbados" from their first album. Enjoy!

Also, go see Cadillac Jones with East Ponce Soul Faction (Bryan's band)  - THIS FRIDAY, OCT. 23rd at THE 5 SPOT in Little 5 Points, Atlanta.




Oct 16, 2009

Episode 16 - Cadillac Jones 10/14/09

Cadillac Jones invites us to THEIR Studio! That's right, this is our first mobile podcast, and our first FULL band to play on the show. Atlanta's own Cadillac Jones is a seven piece jazz/funk instrumental band featuring Hammond B-3 organ and a horn section. Everything they play, whether it's fast or slow, grooves hard!

They've been playing to packed venues around Atlanta and the Southeast for almost a decade, and they have just released their 4th album, "Rhythm Method", this summer.

Check them out FRIDAY, OCT. 23rd at The 5 Spot in Atlanta. This show will also feature Bryan's band "East Ponce Soul Faction" Enjoy!


Cadillac Jones Facebook Page

Two Faces Radio Facebook Page

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Oct 8, 2009

Episode 15 - Doug “Little Brother” Jones & Tony Bryant

Doug Jones (aka Little Brother) and Tony Bryant join us in the studio. Doug is an Atlanta blues veteran whose music can be described as Vintage Blues / Acoustic Americana. He has been paying tribute to and performing "Piedmont" style blues for a long time in the Atlanta area, and currently has a new CD out called "Atlanta Rag".

Tony Bryant is the son of Atlanta blues diva Cora Mae Bryant, and grandson of Georgia blues legend Curly Weaver. He is now carrying on his family's tradition performing this style of music. He is also the founder of CMB records, and has his own CD out called "Blues by Blood". Enjoy!


Little Brother's "Atlanta Rag" CD on CDbaby.com

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Oct 1, 2009

Episode 14 - Trances Arc 9/30/09

Eric & Danny from Trances Arc join us in the studio. This is a great Atlanta rock band that originally formed in Athens, GA. Since 2002 they have been packing out Atlanta rock clubs, touring the country, and steadily growing their fanbase.

In this episode Eric and Danny perform two original Trances Arc songs, and we discuss the band's history, their success, touring with Dead Confederate and The Whigs, recording their upcoming album produced by Dropsonic's Dan Dixon, their incredible music video for "Birds Collide", performing in a blockbuster film, and much more. Enjoy!



"Birds Collide" Video

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