Dec 23, 2009

Episode 19 - Eric Von Haessler (The Regular Guys Show) 12/19/09 Part 2

*This is PART TWO of Episode 19 with Eric Von Haessler from "The Regular Guys" show on ROCK 100.5 in Atlanta, GA. Enjoy!

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Drivin N Cryin "Honeysuckle Blue/Drunk Guy" YouTube Video

Dec 21, 2009

Episode 19 - Eric Von Haessler (The Regular Guys Show) 12/19/09 Part 1

Eric Von Haessler from Atlanta's own "The Regular Guys" show on ROCK 100.5 joins us once again in the studio. This is PART ONE of this show.

In addition to co-hosting the greatest morning radio show in Atlanta (and possibly the world), Eric is currently producing and directing a new music video AND a retrospective documentary for Drivin' N Cryin'. We discuss everything regarding these two projects, and as usual, a zillion other topics. Enjoy!

*ALSO - ROCK 100.5 is hosting the "Holiday Hangover Concert" featuring Drivin' N Cryin' - Saturday, Dec. 26th at The Tabernacle. Come out to the show and be in Eric's documentary!

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Dec 17, 2009

Bonus! Bryan, Ira, and Tim 12/13/09 - Part 2

*This is Part 2 of a two part podcast. Bryan, Ira, and Tim continue counting down Rolling Stone Magazine's "Best Albums of the Decade", and then perform one of their favorite cover tunes. Enjoy!

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Dec 15, 2009

Bonus! Bryan, Ira, and Tim 12/13/09 - Part 1

Bryan, Ira, and Tim Butler play music and talk music.

We start the show with a unique arrangement of "Bend" (from the Tonohoney album "Lifetime's Chore"). We discuss "Cover Band Etiquette", and we begin to countdown the "50 Greatest Albums of the Decade" according to Rolling Stone Magazine. We close the show with a song called "Keep" which has never been recorded. Enjoy! ...Stay Tuned for Part Two of this podcast coming soon!

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Dec 10, 2009

Episode 18 - Rod Hamdallah 12/09/09

Rod Hamdallah joins us in the studio. Rod is a young blues and rockabilly influenced singer/guitarist/songwriter tearing up the Atlanta blues scene, and touring around the Southeast. He is a protege of Atlanta's own Sean Costello and Johnny McGowan, and has been writing great original music which will be featured on an upcoming CD release. Enjoy!

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