May 27, 2010

#33 - Mishka

Acclaimed Reggae Artist Mishka and his band joins us in the studio! Mishka was born in Bermuda and grew up on a 40 foot sailboat (no kidding!). He has been playing music since he was 10 years old, released his first album in 1999 and has been touring the world ever since. Mishka is the first (and only) artist signed to Matthew McConaughey's record label, J.K. Livin. The newest album is "Talk About", released in March.

Check out Mishka live at Smith's Olde Bar this Friday, May 28th!!! - Mike's Furniture Store!

May 13, 2010

#32 - LCJ

LCJ (Lovers Creating Junkies) joins us in the studio. Ray Napty, from Episode #3 - Behind The Sun, returns to Two Faces Radio with his other band consisting of: Ray (Boom-Boom Mancini), Sasha Prillo, Nasty Bootz, and Pimpskins. LCJ creates great no boundaries indie rock and are a trip to hang with. Strap in for this roller coaster ride... Enjoy!

LCJ Facebook Page

May 2, 2010

#31 - Marshall Ruffin

Marshall Ruffin joins us in the studio! Wait till you hear this guy sing and play... That's really all we should need to say, but we will mention that he is a 25 year old singer, songwriter, guitarist from Columbus, GA who you better check out live now, 'cause you won't be able to afford a ticket to his concerts soon... Marshall was nominated for the 9th Annual Independent Music Awards "Blues Album of the Year" (although, his music should not be classified as blues), and he has an EP and a full length album on Jammates Records, and a new one coming very soon...Enjoy!

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