Jun 21, 2010

#35 - Michelle Malone

Michelle Malone invites us to her show at Eddie's Attic last Saturday! Michelle let's us interview her within the smallest club manager's office in the world, and even performs an acoustic version of "Undertow" for us while the club was filling up with fans outside the door. Enjoy!


Jun 3, 2010

#34 - Stephen Bekersky (Stevie B)

Stephen Bekersky joins us in the studio. Steve is a great Atlanta singer, guitarist, and songwriter influenced by Bill Sheffield, Tom Waits, and Bob Dylan. Check out this episode for some great tunes and lots 'o laughs. Be sure to hear Steve's Tom Waits story at the end of the episode. Stephen performs live at various Atlanta venues, and catch him Every Wednesday at the Tucker Saloon.

Stephen Bekersky Facebook Page


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