Jul 27, 2010

#40 - Connor Christian & Southern Gothic

Connor Christian and (most of) his band, Southern Gothic, join us in the studio! From Connor's Bio: "Equal parts modern troubadour, back road poet and outlaw rocker, Connor Christian creates gritty, soulful songs of experience revealing solace in hardship, hope in destitution, and a dustbowl sensibility." These guys are label-mates with some of our recent guests also on Vintage Earth Music, and have been touring extensively. They've brought great tunes, great stories, and a fun hang. Enjoy!




Jul 19, 2010

#39 - Joe McGuinness Trio

Joe McGuinness, Aaron Trubic, and Scott Callison join us in the studio! Joe has been on our show solo in the past, but today he brings in Aaron on bass and Scott on... drawer (you'll see). These are guys we've known for a while outside the studio, so as you may imagine, this podcast sounds like a poker night. They play three tunes including selections from Joe's upcoming album, "Tin Umbrella", which you can preorder now!

DO NOT MISS the Joe McGuinness Trio performing at Smith's Olde Bar this Wednesday, July 21st   - appearing with Damon Fowler


Jul 14, 2010

#38 - The Booze

Chaz and Randy from The Booze join us in the studio! The Booze is a young Atlanta band that plays upbeat original music infused with an authentic 60's style of rock n' roll and R&B. Although these guys are only a few years out of high school, they already have three great albums under their belt, and are currently working on their fourth. They have recently returned from touring with OK GO, and are now touring with The Biters up and down the East Coast. The Now Dig This! video (below) is a must see! In addition to a fun interview, they perform two songs (acoustic) from the upcoming album. Enjoy!



Now Dig This! - The Booze (video)

Jul 7, 2010

#37 - Back Row Baptists

Back Row Baptists join us in the studio! ... and the studio was packed!  “People tend to label us Alternative Country and/or Outlaw Country,” says front man Chris Porter. “We are Outlaw Gospel. Don’t let the name fool you. Our music is not religious. But it is Gospel all the same. We make real music for real people.

These guys (and gals) are touring through town from Birmingham, AL and they are label-mates with our previous guests Drivin N Cryin. They are currently promoting their new CD, "Broken Hearts and Bad Decisions". This is good-time shout-along music. Enjoy!


Jul 2, 2010

#36 - Drivin N Cryin

Drivin N Cryin joins us in the studio! You know this already, but Drivin N Cryin is synonymous with authentic Georgia rock 'n' roll. Internationally beloved, songs you can sing along to in the car, and a group of really cool guys to hang with. But this podcast goes way beyond "Straight To Hell"... Two Faces Radio fans will love this show, and Drivin N Cryin fans will REALLY love this show. This podcast also sets the record for most music played on the show so far. Enjoy!


As always, check out photos from the studio on the Two Faces Radio Facebook Page


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