Dec 14, 2010

#49 - Steve Gorman (The Black Crowes) Part Two

This is PART TWO of Bryan's legendary interview with Steve Gorman of The Black Crowes.

By the way, THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 17th, Bryan and Ira will be performing live at The Five Spot in Little Five Points in Atlanta opening up for some of our previous guests and friends of the show: Joe McGuinness, Oliver Wood, Dave Roth, and Greg Baba. This is going to be an all-around incredible night of music, so COME ON OUT! Here is the Facebook Event Page for the show: The Five Spot - December 17th

Steve Gorman also hosts a great Sports Podcast. Check it out:

What's Wrong With Steve?

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Dec 10, 2010

#49 - Steve Gorman (The Black Crowes) Part 1

Bryan's favorite band of all time is The Black Crowes. Period. We all know this. A few weeks ago, Two Faces Radio sent your faithful co-host on a secret mission all the way to Washington, DC to interview Steve Gorman, drummer and founding member of the Crowes, and also fellow podcaster. He succeeded. We now present to you the first part of this historic interview. (We're trying to sound dramatic here... is it working?)

The first part of this podcast is Bryan and Ira providing an introduction to the interview with Steve (or as Bryan refers to him, Mr. Gorman). You'll find out how the interview came to be, and Ira breaks Bryan's balls over his initial nervousness and some notable moments during the course of the interview. Stay Tuned for Part Two!

Steve Gorman also hosts a great Sports Podcast. Check it out:

What's Wrong With Steve?

Dec 4, 2010

#48 - The Well Reds

Atlanta Rock band The Well Reds join us in the studio! Great alternative pop/rock songwriting, excellent harmonies, and a mature and intricate "wall-of-sound" feel in their songs with great dynamics. These guys are serious about their music. They gave us some great performances and an all-around fun hang. We promise you'll enjoy this one...

Check out their CD Release show THIS TUESDAY (12/7) at Vinyl in Atlanta, and pick up their brand new EP "Violet"


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