Jul 20, 2012

#64 - The Whiskey Gentry

Atlanta Country/Bluegrass band The Whiskey Gentry joins us in the studio! This large group of "Pickers, Singers, and Drinkers" just sold out 3 nights at Atlanta's Legendary Smith's Olde Bar. They've obviously created quite a buzz around town, and have been garnering attention all around the Southeast to their high-energy live shows. Veteran musicians, Great Songwriting, Enlightening Conversation, Celebrity Impressions, and Actual Celebrities. This is a great one. Enjoy!





Jul 8, 2012

#63 - Rod Hamdallah

Our good friend Rod Hamdallah returns to our studio (check out Episode #19 from 2009), and he's got a lot going on. In addition to being a rising star within the Atlanta music scene and continually performing around town, he is now the permanent guitarist for The Legendary Shackshakers, who he has been touring with internationally and domestically since February of this year. Enjoy! Also, if you like what we're doing here please SPREAD THE WORD! Thanks bigtime. TFR.





Clark McInnis Photography


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