Sep 26, 2015

PODCLASSICS!!! #36 - Drivin’ N’ Cryin’

Tonight, Sept. 26th, 2015, Drivin' N' Cryin' will be inducted into the Georgia Music Hall Of Fame. We were honored to have them on the show in 2010, and it was an epic podcast. Congrats, guys! And Enjoy this great podcast

*This podcast originally aired in July 2010

Drivin N Cryin joins us in the studio! You know this already, but Drivin N Cryin is synonymous with authentic Georgia rock 'n' roll. Internationally beloved, songs you can sing along to in the car, and a group of really cool guys to hang with. But this podcast goes way beyond "Straight To Hell"... Two Faces Radio fans will love this show, and Drivin N Cryin fans will REALLY love this show. This podcast also sets the record for most music played on the show so far. Enjoy! As always, check out photos from the studio on the Two Faces Radio Facebook Page

Sep 2, 2015

PODCLASSICS! - #67 Attack of the Bonus Tracks!!!

*This Episode Originally aired in August 2012. A Great One...Enjoy!

Here is a great compilation of "Bonus Tracks" performed by some recent guests (2012) on our show that have not been previously released! (although two of them have actually been previously released...yea...). Here is the list of what you're gonna hear in this episode:

1. Bill Sheffield - "It Don't Bother Me", 2. Truth & Salvage Co. - "Old Piano", 3. Leslie - "Hearts on the Run, 4. Marshall Ruffin - "Mary Don't You Weep", 5. Interstate - "Kiss The Children" (Ramon Wals solo) & "Side By Side", 6. Rod Hamdallah - "Let Me Carry You Home", 7. The Whiskey Gentry - "Seven Year Ache" and "Particles", 8. Tonohoney - "Swoosh" (Alternate version), 9. Lindsay Rakers Band - "Breaking Up", 10. Jessica Pyrdsa - "Wolves"


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