May 3, 2016

PODCLASSICS! #81 - Comedian Pete Correale

*This podcast originally aired in December 2015. Enjoy!

Ira does a casual Skype interview with one of his favorite working comedians and podcast hosts, Pete Correale.

In addition to performing almost every weekend around the country, Pete does a weekly podcast with comedian Sebastian Maniscalco called The Pete & Sebastian Show, which is hysterical, but also serves as a great behind-the-scenes look into the lives of professional comedians (and their families). He also just released a 1-hour Comedy Special on Showtime, which can be found On-Demand as well. (Maniscalco just shot a pilot for CBS also starring Tony Danza and Vanessa Lachey - April, 2016)

Topics in this interview include:
The Pete & Sebastian Show, The Breuer Unleashed Radio Show he did for 4 years with comedian Jim Breuer on Sirius Satellite Radio, Howard Stern (and Stern on the Breuer Show), Performing on Letterman the first time, Being a recent guest on Bill Burr's podcast and Marc Maron's podcast, Pete tests a music game he has prepared for Sebastian with Ira, Pete reveals the anatomy of a new joke he's working out, 80's Rodney Dangerfield HBO Specials and Eddie Murphy comedy albums, on the elevator with Chris Robinson, and much more... - For easy access to ALL of our podcasts


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