#73 PART ONE - Video Rahim, Dan Dixon (DROPSONIC, PLS PLS), Elijah Jones (The Constellations)


PART ONE! Great Atlanta Film Maker Video Rahim joins us in the studio along with Producer Ashley Simpson, Dan Dixon (DROPSONIC, PLS PLS), and Elijah Jones of The Constellations. Video Rahim produces, directs, and edits music videos for various local bands, and they are phenomenal. We're huge fans of his work, and it was great to get him on the show to talk about his craft, and as usual, a zillion other things. His latest music video for PLS PLS's "Cocaine" has just been released, featuring Dan Dixon and Elijah Jones. Those two guys are with us as well to talk about the making of the video, music, and other stuff. They also perform a great version of "Cocaine" live in our studio. Enjoy!

Video Rahim has also made a highly compelling feature-length documentary about Knoxville, TN band "The Dirty Works" called "Rebel Scum", which we'll talk about mostly in PART TWO (Stay Tuned...)

*Before listening to this show, it may be a good idea to check out Video Rahim's videos, including the trailer for Rebel Scum. (links below, or Google "Video Rahim")



"Rebel Scum" Trailer



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