#77 - Hair Metal Madness 4!!! Part Two


THIS IS PART TWO! Welcome Back. This is the conclusion of HMM4 2013. Hope you enjoyed Part One. The battle continues, and the Champion is crowned. Enjoy!

It's BACK, folks!!! To coincide with the NCAA's March Madness (Although it's April) - Bryan, Ira, and Tim bring you our annual Hair Metal Madness Tournament. This year, it's the "Gypsy Road to the Final Four" WORST Hair Metal BALLADS of all time. If we have to pick a different Hair Metal "theme" each year, there was no doubt that at some point we would have to discuss the "Ballads" - the inevitable slow tune that every one of those bands had to release after their first rockin' tune was a hit. Well, guess what, ladies - this is the year! But the twist is, we argue for the worst. Strap in! Enjoy!

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