Episode 11 - Bryan, Ira, and Mark D’Alessio 8/28/09


Mark D'Alessio joins Bryan and Ira in the studio this week. Ira and Mark began playing music together in the early 90's while living in Baltimore, and soon after moved to Atlanta to continue their rock 'n' roll quest. Within months, they met Bryan, and an early incarnation of TONOHONEY was born.

Bryan, Mark, and Ira play two songs from Tonohoney's album "Lifetime's Chore", and we discuss playing blues in Baltimore and then Atlanta, Tonohoney, Mark's long list of Atlanta bands he played with including: The Electromatics, The Breeze Kings, and Stony Brooks and JuJu Root. We also talk about Motley Crue and other 80's metal bands, "The Euclidome", "The Beach Tape", "The Bag Factory", and listen for a special appearance by Ira's Mom. Also, stay tuned for some "bonus material" at the end of the episode. Enjoy!

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