PODCLASSICS! #75 - American Aquarium


American Aquarium from Raleigh, NC took a couple of hours out of their rigorous touring schedule to join us in the studio before playing to a sold out crowd at Atlanta's Smith's Olde Bar. Our studio was packed with musicians, and the  live performances here are excellent. Great conversation, lots of laughs, and I'm sure you'll enjoy a very special "road stories" segment toward the end. If you haven't already, please go buy American Aquarium's latest CD release "Burn. Flicker. Die" Enjoy! And please Spread The Word!

*Again, Two Faces Radio would like to send out a big thanks to Jim Z, Tony T, and the rest of the staff at ZAC Recording for accommodating us and going way our of your way to make the podcast sound better than ever, and attending to our needs.



https://www.facebook.com/twofacesradio - Check out photos from the studio and more...

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