PODCLASSICS! #13 - Eric Von Haessler - PART ONE


*This Episode originally aired in September 2009 - THIS IS PART ONE of this Episode! Check out Part Two Afterwards... Enjoy!
*Also, Since this podcast aired, our guest Eric Von Haessler produces a podcast and weekend radio show on WSB, plus other media, and all can be found here:

Eric Von Haessler from The Regular Guys show on ROCK 100.5 in Atlanta joins us in the studio!

If you live in Atlanta, you should already be familiar with Eric and The Regular Guys, but theirs is the most popular radio show in Atlanta, and one of the only great morning shows left nationwide. Eric and Larry Wachs moved the show from LA to Atlanta in the mid-90's, and have been on (and off) the air in Atlanta for over 10 years.

In this episode we discuss... a lot. Mostly the radio industry itself and where it is going, The Regular Guys, what REALLY happened when they were thrown off the air (twice!), satellite radio, podcasting, stand-up comedians, favorite guests on HIS show, and much more.

We talked so much when Eric sat down with us that we split this show into two podcasts. This is Part 1. In Part 2, we discuss music mostly. www.regularguys.com

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